Glamor in Greenpoint: A Studio Visit with Florist Amy Merrick by

Issue 50 · Saint Lucia · December 13, 2012

Glamor in Greenpoint: A Studio Visit with Florist Amy Merrick

Issue 50 · Saint Lucia · December 13, 2012

"Today I gently placed a headdress of black callas on Anjelica Huston for a photo shoot," writes Brooklyn florist Amy Merrick on her blog. "Do I even need to continue?" No, actually. You had us at Anjelica.

Merrick, who works in a pre-war industrial loft in Greenpoint when she's not caressing Anjelica Huston's forehead, was visited recently in her studio by Jennifer Causey, a Brooklyn photographer whose new book Brooklyn Makers is filled with photo essays about outer borough creatives: entreprenuers, artists, designers and, of course, bakers. In the same spirit, Causey documented Merrick at work:

Photographs by Jennifer Causey except where noted.

Above: Merrick forages for local seasonal materials to include in her vases; she teaches floral arrangement classes at her studio. For more information, see Amy Merrick.

Above: Merrick got her start as a florist doing wedding flowers when she was between jobs. (N.B.: Want to grow your own wedding flowers? See this DIY.)

Above: For more about Merrick and her work, see The Makers Project: Amy Merrick.

Above: Merrick's arrangements start with what's in season and available locally.

Above: "I get to see the sunset over the Manhattan skyline every night through my window and the light is always doing something moody and beautiful," Merrick says.

Brooklyn Makers: Food, Design, Craft, and Other Scenes from a Tactile Life [Paperback] Jennifer Causey (Author), Eric Demby (Foreword)

Above: Brooklyn Makers, published by Princeton Architectural Press, is available in paperback for $16.47 from Amazon, . Photograph via Kaufmann Mercantile.

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