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Trend Alert: Perforation, Punctures, and Hole Punches


Trend Alert: Perforation, Punctures, and Hole Punches

April 30, 2024

Apertures, hole-punches, and punctures: We predict perforated architectural details will be everywhere before too long.

Below, 15 examples of punctuated design we admire:


in a flexible pied à terre in london for a jewelry designer and her family 17
Above: In A Flexible Pied-à-Terre in London for a Jewelry Designer and Her Family: a blue perforated aluminum staircase by fine art fabricator Joseph Waller is inspired by “the iridescence of a butterfly wing; the soft, sculptural folds of Issey Miyake’s iconic clothing; and the mechanical design of motorbike engines,” according to London architect Eryk Ulanowski. Photograph by Michelle Young, courtesy of Studio Ulanowski.
Above: Spotted via designer Steven Volpe (@studiovolpe_sv): a perforated oak stairway in a London project.

Shutters and Doors

matt mckay barrow street townhouse living room   1 733x1025
Above: Spotted in a project by New York-based designer Matt McKay: hole-punched interior shutters, inspired by Jean Prouvé’s porthole doors. Photograph by Joshua McHugh. (See more in Design Sleuth: Light-Filtering Interior Shutters.)
perforation on a tiny scale: studio dorion had custom interior shutters made by 19
Above: Perforation on a tiny scale: Studio Dorion had custom interior shutters made by KLN Studio in Brooklyn. Photograph by Ethan Herrington.
in resourcefulness as a design principle’: a one of a kind remodel by tw 20
Above: In Resourcefulness as a Design Principle’: A One-of-a-Kind Remodel by Two Artists on a Budget, the perforated window screens, made by one of the homeowners, were inspired by similar versions spotted in Spitalfields. Photograph courtesy of The Modern House.
hole punched (and numbered) pantry doors in kitchen of the week: the plain engl 21
Above: Hole-punched (and numbered) pantry doors in Kitchen of the Week: The Plain English Power in Numbers Kitchen. Photograph courtesy of Plain English.

Dividers and Details

in the mexico city home of laura aviva (of l&#8\2\17;aviva home), a custom  22
Above: In the Mexico City home of Laura Aviva (of L’Aviva Home), a custom perforated wooden screen sets the kitchen apart. Stay tuned next week for a full feature on Laura’s place. Photograph by Maureen M. Evans.
Above: A Le Corbusier-inspired space designed by Spain-based Estudio Reciente (@estudioreciente).
in a small (but growing) apartment inspired by a favorite novel, surfaces are e 23
Above: In A Small (but Growing) Apartment Inspired by a Favorite Novel, surfaces are extra interesting when punctuated. Photograph by Miguel de Guzman and Rocio Romero of Imagen Subliminal, courtesy of Mariana de Delás.
Above: Punched holes appear all over this efficient project by Francesca Perani Enterprise (@fpenterprise), including a slim divider.
perforation put to use&#8\230;.as wine storage. photograph courtesy of neil 24
Above: Perforation put to use….as wine storage. Photograph courtesy of Neil Dusheiko Architects from Kitchen of the Week: An Architect’s Labor-of-Love Kitchen, Art Gallery Included.


new from fort standard: custom strata storage, hole punched edition. design by  25
Above: New from Fort Standard: custom Strata storage, hole-punched edition. Design by Annie Leslau.
Above: A dresser from designer Gesa Hansen where the cutouts make the design.
and the strata desk, also on offer. 26
Above: And the Strata Desk, also on offer.
an indoor/outdoor offering from hay: the balcony dining table is punched throug 27
Above: An indoor/outdoor offering from Hay: The Balcony Dining Table is punched through with holes (chairs too). The table is $795.

For more design trends of the moment, see:

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