Edgy and Moody in Chiswick by

Issue 95 · Gothic Influence · October 21, 2013

Edgy and Moody in Chiswick

Issue 95 · Gothic Influence · October 21, 2013

My favorite holiday growing up was Halloween, but not for the reasons you might think. Of course I enjoyed the dressing up and the devouring, but the real treat for me was getting invited into the neigbors' homes. While the other kids took their time deciding between Snickers and Hershey bars, I was busy snooping around and taking mental notes.

The nascent design enthusiast in me would have filed this remodel of an Edwardian house under "Dark Shadows." Halloween seemed like an opportune moment to tour its moody interiors by London-based Found Associates, who made use of black elements as a way to link past and present while introducing an edgy vibe.

Images via The Shoot Factory, except where noted.

Found Associates Chiswick House Remodelista

Above: The façade of the Edwardian villa has been restored; you'd never guess there's a modern glass addition in the rear. Photo via Found Associates.

Barrowgate Road, Chiswick,  Stair Hall | Remodelista

Above: Upon entering, guests are greeted by an unusual tile floor, a Moor and Victorian mash-up with black tiles interspersed. 

Barrowgate Desk Remodelista

Above: A black writing desk sets the tone in the stair hall.

Chiswick House Living Room Remodelista

Above: The otherwise subdued living room features a surprising artwork.

Skull Poster London Remodelista

Above: An outsized print of a skull says "haunted but chic."

Found Associates Study Remodelista

Above: The library with modernist desk, moveable book ladder, and shuttered windows. Photo via Found Associates.

Barrowsgate Playroom Remodelista

Above: A playroom opens onto the new kitchen extension.

Barrowgate Road, Chiswick, Kitchen | Remodelista

Above: A black storage wall complements the plinth-like marble kitchen island.

Barrowgate Road Dining Room Remodelista

Above: Found Associates constructed a minimalist extension to contrast with the existing Edwardian building, which they refurbished as well. The Classic Well Glass Pendants by English company Davey are $325.25 (on sale from $385) at Design Within Reach.

Barrowgate Dining Room Remodelista

Above: A black-painted accent wall in the dining pavilion.

Barrowgate Living Room Remodelista

Above: The living area is  furnished with Antonio Citterio's Charles sofa in black (see The Ultimate Architect-Designed Sofa).

Barrowgate Road, Chiswick, Bedroom | Remodelista

Above: In a bedroom, the fireplace's black columns are matched by column-like lamps across the room. 

Barrowgate Road Bedroom Remodelista   

Above: A black leather-covered headboard runs horizontally between the door frames and anchors the room.

Barrowgate Road Green Bedroom Remodelista

Above: Painting the ceilings, trim, and walls the same color creates an overall sense of calm. 

Barrowgate Bathroom Light Remodelista

Above: Mid-century furnishings and accessories mix in with a Victorian-style bathtub and subway tiles.

Barrowgate Road Bathroom Remodelista

Above: Black crops up in the bathroom unexpectedly in the rim of the tub and base of the vanity. 

Barrowgate Road Bedroom Remodelista

Above: An ornately framed antique mantel mirror has been painted black for a dramatic effect.

Barrowgate Road Bathroom Remodelista

Above: Subway tiled walls lend a Victorian institutional air to another bathroom.

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