ISSUE 52  |  London Décor

Designer Visit: Marianna Kennedy in London

December 28, 2009 8:00 PM

BY Julie Carlson

Megan Wilson of the wonderful Ancient Industries clued us in to the work of London designer Marianna Kennedy. Novelist Jeanette Winterson sums up her genius: "Marianna Kennedy’s showroom in Spitalfields is a place where art and design, ideas and skills, come together to create artistic and decorative pieces that are not copies or tired reproductions, but pieces that find the continuity between past and the present, often using old-fashioned techniques like gilding and lacquer-work to make something thoroughly modern, and sometimes using new materials, like plastics and resin, to reinvigorate traditional designs."

Among Kennedy’s brilliant offerings: lamps made of hand-polished resin in an array of unexpected colors; mirrors made with handmade, color-infused glass and gilded frames; and jewel-toned window blinds made from antique bookcloth.