ISSUE 26  |  Summer Kitchen

5 Little Luxuries for the Urban Kitchen, Summer Edition

July 02, 2015 1:00 PM

BY Julie Carlson

Stuck in the city for the summer? Here are a few ideas for keeping your kitchen fresh, fly-free, and fragrant when heat strikes.

Above: Astier de Villatte Liquid Dish Soap; $25 from Nickey Kehoe in Los Angeles. Pricey, yes, but city dwellers deserve some consolation for spending the summer behind a laptop.

Above: The Anti-Fly Glass Sphere comes with a leather cord for hanging. The refraction of light against the water confuses insects, especially flies, and helps keep them at bay; $99 from Kaufmann Mercantile.

Above: If any flies do make it into the kitchen, consider the German-made Leather Fly Swatter; $14 from Schoolhouse Electric.

Above: Keep garbage cans smelling fresh with Hiba Wood Spray; $20 for the small size, $40 for the larger, from Spartan Shop. Hint: Spray a paper towel with scent and toss it in the bin before changing the trash bag.

Above: Add a summery note with a linen tea towel screen-printed with vintage photos from Serie Limitee Louise; shown above, the Omar Tea Towel features a lobster print; €24 ($26.58). Alder & Co. in Seattle offers the Flower Tea Towel for $35.

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