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Naked No More: Lampshades for Plumen Bulbs


Naked No More: Lampshades for Plumen Bulbs

July 2, 2015

The world’s most stylish energy-efficient bulbs, the Plumen 001 and 002, look good naked. They also accessorize well. Of late Plumen has been collaborating with kindred designers all over on a range of shades tailor made to present the bulbs in the best light. 

Above: Admired at ICFF and debuting this September, the Plumen Drop Top Lamp Shade is an in-house Plumen design that comes in white (shown), black, and amber. 

Above: The Plumen Drop Top Shade in black. The London-based company has online UK, Euro, and US shops, and the new glass shade will be available at all three; $109.95 for the shade alone, and $174.95 for a set, including a Plumen Drop Cap Pendant and Plumen 001 bulb

Above: Part of Plumen’s Flat Pack Designer Lampshade Series, the Sphery 50 Wooden Light Shade is by UK designer Kirsty Patrick of By Kirsty; £195 ($304.41).

Above: A DIY invented by Plumen’s Korean distributor: the Plumen 001 bulb ($34.95) and Drop Cap Pendant (currently on sale starting at $19.38) with a shade made from an Air Vase by Torafu Architects of Tokyo. The perforated paper comes flat and is designed to be shaped and reshaped in different ways, including as a vase, bowl, or shade. Air Vases are available from Kollekt; $29 for a pack of three in white or black. See more examples of Air Vase Shades.

Above: The new Niche Modern Crystalline Series Pendant Collection starts at $595 each.

Above: A collaboration between Plumen and London furniture and lighting firm Made, the Plume Pendant comes in Smoke Gray and Smoke Blue; £99 ($154.55), including 001 Bulb from Made.

Above: Designed by Plumen with Formaliz3d of Italy, the Kayan 3D Printed Lamp Shade is made of perforated ABS plastic created using 3-D modeling and printing. It works with the Baby Plumen 001 and Original Plumen 002; €149.95 ($234); inquire about US availability.

Above: Kayan shades in situ in Italy.

We’re longstanding Plumen fans. See why in our World’s Most Stylish Light Bulb posts, Version 001 and Version 002.


Product summary  

Pendant Lights

Air Vase

$29.00 USD from Kollekt

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