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Design Sleuth: Sourcing Your Ideal Indigo with Sherwin-Williams

June 13, 2013 5:30 PM

BY Remodelista Team

Indigo is a color that captivates. Derived from the dye of the True Indigo shrub, the hue has the essence of blue and purple and has been used by various civilizations for centuries. 

What we love most about the shade is the opportunity it presents for interpretation: One person’s idea of the color may derive from a well-worn pair of denim; another’s from an inky blue flower. We decided to explore the many faces of indigo with Sherwin-Williams color tools. Armed with the Color Snap Studio for iPad and Color Snap for iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry, we took photos of objects and then sourced the matching paint colors.

What does your indigo look like? Read on to see a few of our ideas, as well as inspiration on translating it to an entire room.

Above: We love the shades of indigo from Malian textile designer Aboubakar Fofana; to find the paint sibling, we uploaded the image to our iPad to find a match via the ColorSnap Studio.

Above: In the photo, we tapped on each of the platters and discovered the following matching paints: Danube, Loyal Blue and Rainstorm.

Above: For inspiration on adding a bold and dramatic look to an interior, we turned to this quilted indigo tote bag by designer Matt Dick. Photo by Mimi Giboin.

Above: Of the 1,500 + colors to explore, two of the matches we found via the app were Valiant Violet (L) and Dewberry (R).

Above: We then explored the colors further by uploading an image of the white guest bedroom at the Hourglass Winery and painting its walls in both of the shades.