Current Obsessions: A Rose Is a Rose by

Issue 59 · L'Amour · February 16, 2013

Current Obsessions: A Rose Is a Rose

Issue 59 · L'Amour · February 16, 2013

Last week we celebrated florals and the color pink; this coming week we're taking our inspiration from the movies (is it Oscars week already?).

Above: A new look at based designer Rose Uniacke's grand London home, via the new T Magazine. Photo by Henry Bourne.

Rose Damascena Production in Bulgaria, Remodelista

• To round off our week of perfumes, check out this video on Bulgarian Rose Oil, spotted on 101 Cookbooks).

• Michelle is sleuthing out the best wallpaper, but what to do with all the samples? We like these 5 Unexpected Uses for Leftover Wallpaper; and stay tuned for more on this topic from Michelle.

Lace Curtains from Bella Notte, Remodelista

Above: We're still thinking about Lace Curtains. Photograph from Bella Notte.

• Christine was mesmerized by this concept of modern monument in multiple cities.

• Child-sized furniture by modern masters at Mondo Cane (photo by Lee Clower for Town & Country).

• Alexa's thinking about swapping out her hand-me-down iron, but which of these 10 Best Irons to pick? Leaning toward the Smartek Handheld Steamer.

• Admiring the cool concrete interiors of Sorrento House.

• A French-inspired loft in Atlanta, Georgia?

Home of Mayor Ed Koch on An Afternoon With, Remodelista

Above: We all enjoyed An Afternoon With's Mayor Ed Koch at home.

• Here's an idea (11 in fact) that we like: How to Make a Small Space Seem Bigger.

• We've all voted (A+ Architizer Awards). Now it's your turn.

• Love or loathe? The newly designed logo for T Magazine (and did you watch Sofia Coppola's interview with Lee Radziwill?).

And what about you? Any great books, movies, design discoveries we should know about? Clue us in in the Comments section below!

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