ISSUE 5  |  Inspired by Iberia

Coffee Unplugged: Presso Espresso Maker

February 01, 2012 6:30 PM

BY Janet Hall

Espresso aficionados take note: An affordable espresso machine that requires only hot water and a bit of physical effort.

A reader brought the Presso espresso maker to our attention, and we are smitten. Made from polished aluminum, the Presso is a non-electric pump espresso maker that provides enough pressure to produce a rich shot of espresso. Light enough to take on the road, the Presso can be used anywhere you can boil water and gives us new hope for campsite breakfasts.

Above: The Presso Espresso Machine comes with a manual milk frother, chrome filter, two-cup adapter, and a combination scoop/tamper; $150.

Above: After you place the grounds in the filter, you pour boiling water into the cylinder at the top. Then you lift the lever arms and press down, forcing the water through the coffee; to watch a video, go to Presso in Action.

Above: Bonus points: the Presso Espresso Machine features a counter-worthy design.