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Calm in the Kitchen: The Amica Zen Oven

December 11, 2014 4:00 PM

BY Janet Hall

Here’s an oven that mixes state-of-the-art technology with a stripped-down appearance, wood handle included. Called the Amica Zen, it takes inspiration from Zen teachings that focus on leading daily life mindfully. A design for people who aspire to maintain calm in their kitchen–could this be the start of a new trend? 

Above: Winner of the 2012 Red Dot Best of the Best design award, the Amica Zen Multifunction Oven is faced with glass.

Above: Offered in white or black, the design is made by longstanding European appliance company Amica of Wronki, in Poland, and currently available only in Europe and the UK. It retails for £399 ($625.53). See Amica for store locations. 

Above: One of the most appealing details is the round wood handle, which comes in a choice of birch, ebony, or oak.

Behind the stove’s simplicity is advanced technology. It purports to cut energy consumption by 20 percent, features rapid preheating, and earned an energy-efficiency rating of A. 

Above: What the Zen Multifunction Oven leaves behind are the complex controls: No alarms, timers, ringtones, or illumination to assault the senses (but you may need to break out an old-fashioned egg timer).

Above: The two control knobs pop out for use and push in to create a flush surface.

Above: The Amica Zen Multifunction Oven in white integrates well in a white kitchen.

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