ISSUE 3  |  European Travels

Accessories: DV01 Bicycle by David Qvick in Sweden

January 17, 2012 7:30 PM

BY Lydia Lee

I'm not a single-speed bike aficionado, but I was tempted to switch when I saw David Qvick's brilliantly simple concept bike, the DV01.

Qvick is a young Swedish designer, whose student work showed up at Stockholm Design Week in 2010 (his quirky Styrbord Table was in the HDK Gothenberg display). With its wooden handlebar and mudflap, the DV01 reminds us that the ancestral bikes in the fog of history were made almost entirely of wood. On his website, Qvick says that the focus of this product has been about finding a balance in the design. "When form and function interact in a successful symbiosis, the result is often that the product may last longer and is more loved by its users," he writes.

Photography by John Wennerberg.