A Parisian Apartment with a Summery Spirit by

Issue 9 · High/Low Design · February 27, 2012

A Parisian Apartment with a Summery Spirit

Issue 9 · High/Low Design · February 27, 2012

Midcentury enthusiasts Isabelle Gilles and Yann Poncelet first met over a Colonel, a vermouth-and-lime cocktail—a momentous drink that would end up supplying the name of their company.

The two started Colonel a couple of years ago, restoring vintage furniture (see Furniture: Colonel in Paris). Today, Isabelle and Yann collaborate with French craftsmen to produce small-scale furniture collections. Drawing inspiration from 1960s American camping chairs and outdoor furniture, the aim of Colonel is to evoke the feeling of summer and its bright colors.

The couple's home in Paris features the same sprightly feel as their furniture collection ("A contemporary re-reading of this universe by mixing colors, rhythms, and patterns," as they say), achieved through an appealing mix of outdoor and indoor, high and low, and antique and modern.

Yann and Isabelle are a young couple designing furniture in Paris

Above: Yann and Isabelle in their living room.

Midcentury furniture and wall artwork

Above: A corner of the living room features an evocative wall mural painted by Alice Gilles. A jute rug, midcentury coffee table, and a vintage sofa upholstered in green velvet all coexist with the mural's fantasyland.

Italian Wooden Deck Chairs and vintage portraits

Above: Bright orange garden chairs (akin to these Italian Wooden Deck Chairs) stand out in the living room.

Herringbone wood floors and antique chairs

Above: A 1960s bookcase sits in contrast to the formal hearth.

Noguchi Vitra Akari Floor Lamp

Above: A Noguchi Vitra Akari Floor Lamp (L) and cheap folding beach chairs (R) sit lightly in the space.

Houseplants and vintage orange schoolchairs

Above: Houseplants populate the light-filled dining area, adding a springlike note.

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