A New Design Voice from Oslo by

Issue 39 · Old Meets New · September 26, 2012

A New Design Voice from Oslo

Issue 39 · Old Meets New · September 26, 2012

For one Oslo native, documenting ephemeral moments of beauty in her home has not only launched a blog, but also provided the impetus for an inspired new design mag.

As the name implies, Moa og Kaffekoppen (Moa and the coffee cup) is not a blog about exotic landscapes and sweeping architecture. Rather it's a celebration of the everyday objects in a single home, Moa's. Through poetic imagery, intensely focused and infused with atmosphere, Moa chronicles the quiet dramas in her home, where the piece of tape holding up a postcard on the wall is revered as much as the couch itself, where the coffee cup is king.

Now, readers can enjoy more Moa at SIGN, a sophisticated online magazine that she started with her friend Holmberg. Covering everything from “design, graphic, inspiration, interior, photography, poetry, simple living,” SIGN benefits from the same atmospheric ambiance and intimate lens work found in Moa’s blog. More art than practical how-to, SIGN is a total design "experience."

Above: An excerpt from the premier issue of SIGN shows Moa's spare yet personal living room.

off white accents in Moa's home

Above: Photos from Moa's blog show the gallery-like ambience of her home, in which everyday objects are treated like pieces of art.

Above: Another excerpt from SIGN shows how Moa uses personal objects and an intimate scale to add warmth to her home.

Above: Warm wood and rustic elements too, foil the more austere modernism in the kitchen.

Moa's kitchen details

Above: Everything in Moa's home is deeply personal, making the whole space feel authentic.

Above: Mixed media elements add texture and dimension to Moa's bedroom.

Colorplay in gray by Moa

Above: Playing with color: here is an exploration in gray.

Above: Another excerpt from SIGN shows Moa's office: zen, yet full of personality.

pink at Moa's

Above: More color play: though Moa's overall scheme is black and white, here and there she frequently infuses a more daring hue.

Above: Part of what makes Moa so appealing is her quirky character and playfulness, evident here on her desk and everywhere in her home.

Moa's coffee cup

Above: The all important coffee cup, on location throughout Moa's home.

Moa's living room wall

Above: Humor and whimsy are critical components of Moa's style.

Above: The premier issue of SIGN, by Moa and Holmberg, includes features on everything from iconic design, color theory, plaster DIY, an off-the-beaten-path portrait of Oslo, and thankfully, more of Moa's home.

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