ISSUE 21  |  On the Lawn

A Botanically Inclined Interior in London

May 21, 2012 8:30 AM

BY Christine Chang Hanway

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Those of us who live in an urban environment (self included) are always looking for ways to bring a touch of the outdoors to our interiors. Perhaps that's why we fell for this Victorian house in London, with interiors featuring a subtle botanical motif.

Located in the heart of East London, in the neighborhood of London Fields, this project (spotted on Air Space) conjures up visions of a meadow of summer flowers. The common thread running throughout the interiors? The color green, in all its glory.

Above: The use of dark green subway tiles as a backsplash sets the tone in the kitchen extension.

Above: The dark chevron pattern of the wood floor adds texture to the simple detailing of the extension.

Above: The colors and textures of the garden outside are mimicked by the Josef Frank textiles in the window seat.

Above: A conservatory on the side of the house brings in additional light.

Above: The sage green walls in the living room serve as a backdrop to emerging hints of color.

Above: The rose-colored glass in the sidelights add color to the Victorian entry and stair hall.

Above: A skylight brings light into the modern shower within the traditional bathroom.

Above: Celadon green subway tiles wrap around the shower stall.

Above: Celadon green subway tiles line the wall behind the sink in the bathroom.

Above: The meadow comes into full bloom in a young girl's room.

Above: The Josef Frank textiles in the window seat mirror the surrounding foliage from the garden.