5 Quick Fixes: Solutions for Anchoring the Outdoor Tablecloth by

Issue 24 · Scandi Midsummer · June 18, 2014

5 Quick Fixes: Solutions for Anchoring the Outdoor Tablecloth

Issue 24 · Scandi Midsummer · June 18, 2014

The perfect summer picnic setting comes with a healthy mix of sun and shade, plus a bit of a breeze. To prevent your tablecloth from turning into a parachute, here are five handy table anchors some of which can be concocted on the spot.

Manufactum Stainless Steel Metal Pegs | Remodelista

Above: Keep outdoor tablecloths from flying away with a set of Four Metal Pegs of stainless steel; €7,20 from Manufactum in Germany. We first featured the pegs on Gardenista in Steal This Look: The Last Outdoor Dinner of the Season. Another option are Coleman's less heavy-duty but still effective set of six Tablecloth Clamps$3.49.

Eve Ashcraft Painted Stones for Weighing Down the Tablecloth | Remodelista

Above: Take a tip from paint and color expert Eve Ashcraft and paint a set of rocks and shells natural objects in different colors and patterns. Use the rocks to hold down each corner of the tablecloth on the base.

DIY Stones and Twine to Weigh Down the Picnic Table | Remodelista

Above: Alternatively, wrap twine or sisal around heavy stones and hang over the sides to weigh down the tablecloth. Seen on Lush Home.

Weights Sewn into a DIY Tablecloth | Remodelista

Above: Enjoy sewing? Take the idea a step further and stitch four pockets into the corners of your tablecloth. Insert small weights to each, a project seen on Creations by Kara.

Martha Stewart DIY on How to Anchor a Tablecloth with Bungee Cords | Remodelista

Above: The Martha Stewart approach is, not surprsingly, a bit more elaborate: she tidily anchors the tablecloth below the table with a few strategically placed grommets and a bungee cord.

To complete the experience, find the The Perfect Picnic Table on Gardenista. And consider making your own DIY: Natural Turmeric-Dyed Tablecloth. Then sift through some of our favorite ways to set the table presented in Gardenista's Photo Gallery.

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