ISSUE 24  |  Scandi Midsummer

5 Quick Fixes: Solutions for Anchoring the Outdoor Tablecloth

June 18, 2014 1:00 PM

BY Alexa Hotz

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The perfect summer picnic setting comes with a healthy mix of sun and shade, plus a bit of a breeze. To prevent your tablecloth from turning into a parachute, here are five handy table anchors some of which can be concocted on the spot.

Above: Keep outdoor tablecloths from flying away with a set of Four Metal Pegs of stainless steel; €7,20 from Manufactum in Germany. We first featured the pegs on Gardenista in Steal This Look: The Last Outdoor Dinner of the Season. Another option are Coleman’s less heavy-duty but still effective set of six Tablecloth Clamps$3.49.

Above: Take a tip from paint and color expert Eve Ashcraft and paint a set of rocks and shells natural objects in different colors and patterns. Use the rocks to hold down each corner of the tablecloth on the base.

Above: Alternatively, wrap twine or sisal around heavy stones and hang over the sides to weigh down the tablecloth. Seen on Lush Home.

Above: Enjoy sewing? Take the idea a step further and stitch four pockets into the corners of your tablecloth. Insert small weights to each, a project seen on Creations by Kara.

Above: The Martha Stewart approach is, not surprsingly, a bit more elaborate: she tidily anchors the tablecloth below the table with a few strategically placed grommets and a bungee cord.

To complete the experience, find the The Perfect Picnic Table on Gardenista. And consider making your own DIY: Natural Turmeric-Dyed Tablecloth. Then sift through some of our favorite ways to set the table presented in Gardenista’s Photo Gallery.