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5 Quick Fixes: Fire Safety Roundup

January 06, 2012 4:30 PM

BY Alexa Hotz

On the checklist for the New Year: fire safety. Here's a roundup of ideas for safeguarding your house.

Above: Spotted on Katrines Interior Blog, a DIY project that gives a fire extinguisher a new look. The Kidde Pro 2.5 Water Extinguisher is $116.30 at Amazon.

Above: Dispose of embers safely with the 5-gallon Steel Ash Bucket; $49.95 at Vermont Country Store. N.B.: Fire experts recommend that you douse the embers with water and close the can with a tight-fitting lid to deprive the ashes of oxygen.

Above: Architectural Devices' Modern Smoke Detector is $130.

Above: The Vintage Swiss Army Blanket, a blend of horsehair and wool, is naturally flame-retardant; $298 from Sundance (small fires can be extinguished with a wool blanket).

Above: The Kiddie KL-25 Two-Story Fire Escape Ladder is $53.95 from Amazon.