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5 Quick Fixes: Countdown to an Effortless Dinner Party

February 22, 2013 5:30 PM

BY Remodelista Team

At Remodelista, we all love to entertain, even on weekday nights. We’re constantly dashing out of the office just in time to throw together an impromptu dinner party (let us know when you’re coming to town!). Here are our five tips for pulling your space together just in time for your guests’ arrival:

1 Hour Before: Stash the Clutter

Above: It’s amazing what you can accomplish just by decluttering the main living areas: stash any errant coats, hats, shoes in the closet (you can organize later); clear out the newspapers, laptops, and cords; and give the room a quick once-over with a vacuum. Photograph by Matthew Williams for Workstead in Brooklyn.

45 Minutes: Prep the Room

Above: Open the windows to let fresh air circulate through the room, plump up the cushions, straighten the paintings. Consider strategically placed, scented candles in the kitchen or near the entryway. For more tips on banishing unpleasant scents in the home, see our post: The Power of Fragrance: 10 Secrets for Banishing Odors. Above photo via Bolaget.

30 Minutes: Set the Table

Above: Setting out the silver, glassware, and any dishes ahead of your guests’ arrival makes it seem like you’ve got everything under control (even if you’re still scrambling in the kitchen). For menu and recipe ideas, visit Mimi Thorisson’s site, Manger; photograph by Oddur Thorisson.

15 Minutes: Create the Ambiance

Above: Dim the lights, cue up the music, and light the candles. Photograph from A Modern-Day Creperie in a Medieval Scandinavian City.

5 Minutes: Finishing Touches

Above: Check your lipstick, take a deep breath, and pour yourself a glass of wine. Photograph of a Swedish Segmented Glass Mirror with Arched Top from Christopher Howe in the UK.

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