In the News: Top 5 Gardenista Posts of the Week by

Issue 88 · Low-Key Fashion · September 6, 2013

In the News: Top 5 Gardenista Posts of the Week

Issue 88 · Low-Key Fashion · September 6, 2013

This week on Gardenista, Michelle and Erin have been testing garden design apps (so you don't have to): they've picked the 10 best ones out there. Oh, and they found the world's best bike cart, stopped in at a hostel on Deer Isle, Maine; and looked into the nude gardening trend.

IPad Florafolia Remodelista

Above: "We sifted through the clutter, tested a ton, and came up with 10 apps that actually do what they say they do": check out 10 Best Garden Design Apps for Your iPad.

Homestead Deer Isle Gardenista Remodelista

Above: Erin checks out the Deer Isle Hostel in Maine, a 17th century-style farmhouse that offers a glimpse into a way of life that might seem worlds away.

Cart Bike Remodelista

Above: The French have devised a wooden wheelbarrow  cart for hauling produce back from the farmer's market—tres chic!

Mobile Garden House Remodelista

Above: Janet stopped in at the SF outpost of Muji the other day and fell for the Mobile Garden House by Japanese architect and artist Kyohei Sakaguchi.

Wilder Quarterly Nude Gardening Remodelista

Above: Nude gardening? Check out Erin's report on Wilder Quarterly.

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