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Twentieth Century Cafe: Old Vienna Comes to San Francisco


Twentieth Century Cafe: Old Vienna Comes to San Francisco

February 10, 2016

“I want this place to be transportive,” says owner Michelle Polzine of Twentieth Century Cafe, her charming take on the grand cafes of middle Europe. On a birthday trip to Vienna, Budapest, and Prague a few years ago, Polzine, a pastry chef, struck upon the idea of opening her own “grand cafe.” It occurred to her that these European-style cafes were the perfect restaurant for pastry chefs—a place where people could enjoy cakes and desserts but also have a meal or light fare. And she knew it wasn’t just about the food and the pastries; the aesthetics and feel of the place would be equally important. With the aid of local architect Charles Hemminger, plus copious notes from her European travels and some dedicated online sleuthing, Polzine turned a former laundromat on a light-flooded corner in San Francisco’s Hayes Valley neighborhood into her own little grand cafe, a throwback to a bygone era.

Photography by Laurie Frankel.

20th century cafe wide laurie frankel remodelista 17

Above: The day after Polzine signed the papers for her new restaurant, she flew back to Budapest and Vienna to take notes on details for the decor. This included measuring the small standard-sized European marble cafe tables, which are significantly smaller than those typically found stateside; when she returned to SF, she had her own tables custom made based on her measurements.

20th century cafe interior 1 laurie frankel remodelista 18

Above: Polzine says she “nearly went blind” trying to find the right bentwood chair. She finally found a source for these in Austria.

20th century cafe counter laurie frankel remodelista 19

Above: The Italian espresso machine is made of pounded copper. Finding appropriate vintage lighting that was UL listed was a challenge, but a determined online search led Polzine to Vintage Hardware in Washington State, which creates historically accurate period lighting.  She avoided fixtures that were too polished, coated, or shiny and opted for these Art Deco pendants, which had just the right patina. The gooseneck lamps above the custom shelving were sourced from Hammerworks in Massachusetts.

twentieth century cafe tiles laurie frankel remodelista 20

Above: The bronze-coated tiles are from Fireclay Tiles in San Jose; Polzine discovered them in “the boneyard of seconds.” What was a glaze mess-up for Fireclay proved perfect for Twentieth Century. The idea for the green linoleum floor was taken from a cafe in Vienna. She had anguished over the color of green, but finally settled on this shade after a friend told her it was the color of her eyes.

20th century cafe mirrors laurie frankel remodelista 21

Above: The mirrors, a last-minute find at Lowes, were hung the day before the cafe opened.

20th century cafe wall sconce laurie frankel remodelista 22

Above: The wall sconces were an eBay find; “I took a chance and got lucky,” Polzine says.

20th century cafe dresser laurie frankel remodelista 23

Above: The marble-topped dresser came from an Art Deco store in the neighborhood.

20th century cafe pastries laurie frankel remodelista 24

Above: An assortment of pastries on display.

20th century cafe marble tables laurie frankel remodelista 25

Above: Polzine wanted a rich velvet fabric for the banquette.  She test-drove several samples, dousing them with the likes of oil, wine, and coffee. The most resilient proved to be mohair, also the most expensive, but Polzine sprung for it anyway and has not regretted it.

20th century cafe michelle polzine laurie frankel remodelista 26

Above: Michelle Polzine in her trademark forties clothing. She had initially planned to wear Edwardian clothes, “from the teens” as she puts it, but ended up sticking to her forties wardrobe (she’s also wearing a crocheted apron).

20th century cafe vintage silverware laurie frankel remodelista 27

Above: A copper pan with freshly made bagels. All the plates and silverware are vintage finds, and include Pyrex pieces and Albion china. The Alameda flea market is one of Polzine’s favorite places to source goods.

20th century cafe pastry table laurie frankel remodelista 28

Above: Apple strudel in the making. Polzine had spotted the Adler Table at Ohio Design in SF and liked the adjustable height so had this one custom made with a marble top for pastry making.

20th century cafe entryway door laurie frankel remodelista 29

Above: The entryway to the cafe features a wooden door with beveled glass sourced on eBay from a Hungarian dealer in the Midwest.

20th century cafe exterior laurie frankel remodelista 30

Above: The Danish Christiania bike, which Polzine had custom painted, is another online score. If all this is not transportive enough, adding to the cafe’s ambience are the playlists created by her husband (a former music director at WXYC), which mix old-time music with jazz and European sounds from all different eras.

For more in the neighborhood, check out Bellocchio—another enterprise where the spouse creates the playlists.

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Product summary  

Twentieth Century Cafe Old Vienna Comes to San Francisco portrait 3
David Pierce

Adler Table

$1,950.00 USD from OHIO Design

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