ISSUE 16  |  Going Green

This Week’s Table of Contents: Going Green

April 21, 2014 7:30 AM

BY Remodelista Team

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When it comes to design, we’re broad-minded, anti-rules, and all about mixing things up—but we do have a few firmly held beliefs. Considered living is what we’re all about—and that includes buying only what you need and opting for thoughtfully made goods over mass-produced bargains. Join us this week as we gear up for Earth Day with our Going Green issue.

Above: In the days ahead, we’ll be exploring solar panels, sustainable design, and the best eco paints out there. On Wednesday, Christine leads us on a tour of this zero energy house in Germany.


Above: Sarah shows us around an energy-efficient new loft planted atop an industrial building in Portland, Oregon, with design nods to its historic neighborhood.


Above: Who wouldn’t want to sleep here? For this week’s Steal This Look, Izabella decodes the look of a lofted bedroom in Germany designed by Studio Oink.


Above: Kitchen counter space is hard to come by pretty much wherever you live. Janet rounds up appliances well suited to small spaces for this week’s 10 Easy Pieces. We like KitchenAid’s Stand Mixer thanks not just to its made-to-last design, but its many attachments and functions, including pasta maker, grain mill, food grinder, juicer, and ice cream maker.


Above: We stand by the concept of fair-trade goods, but the products often leave something to be desired design-wise. Today, we present 7 Favorites: fair-trade bedcovers that retain the spirit of the place where they were made, but also look at home just about anywhere. Also watch for our 10 Easy Pieces on recycling bins.


Above: We’ve long admired the work of furniture company Vitsoe, producers of Dieter Rams’ designs. On Friday, Christine sits down with managing director, Mark Adams, to learn about the company’s green manufacturing system and commitment to producing furniture that adapts to its owners’ changing needs. 

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