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Wabi-Sabi Tiles from a Dutch Fashion Designer


Wabi-Sabi Tiles from a Dutch Fashion Designer

August 8, 2014

Dutch designer Marianne Smink translates the welcome imperfections of hand-stamped and brush-painted designs in her screen-printed tiles.

Born in Utrecht, Smink studied print design at a fashion school in the Netherlands before moving to London for the Applied Imagination masters program at Central Saint Martins and the University of the Arts. That’s where Smink refocused her interest to home design. Smink’s tile and wallpaper designs, which she sells as Smink Things, all fall under Japanese wabi-sabi principles–with a Dutch edge. Much of her surface treatment is irregular and patterned with incomplete shapes. That’s all intentional, and is part of the charm of Smink tiles.

smink quarter circle remodelista 1

Above: The Quarter Circle tiles feature, in her words, “the simple but sharp outline of a quarter circle, only subtly visible against a loosely painted background. Together the quarters enhance each other and emerge from the square tiles, starting a circular life of their own.” Each tile is 10 square centimeters (or about 4 square inches); £7 each.

smink quarter circle remodelista 2

Above: The tiles are available in two colorways, both shown here: hues of tangerine and a teal that varies from green to blue tints.

smink tiles after lowry remodelista 2

Above: The After Lowry tiles are abstractions directly inspired by English painter L.S. Lowry’s depictions of northern England’s industrial landscapes. Each tile measures 15 square centimeters (or about 6 square inches). Smink also offers the pattern as a wallpaper, the After Lowry Wallpaper; £160 for a 10-meter-long roll (about 33 feet long) that’s 52 centimeters wide (about 20 inches).

smink tiles after lowry remodelista 1

Above: A detail of Smink’s screen-printed tiles in neutral and grayscale colors.

smink tiles after lowry remodelista 3

Above: After Lowry tiles, applied to a high kitchen wall.

smink going overground remodelista 1

Above: The subway-style Going Overground tiles were inspired by the London Underground, “the most extensive tiling project ever undertaken in Britain,” notes Smink. The tiles are 21 centimeters by 6.5-7 centimeters (or about 8 inches by 2.5-2.8 inches) and are £7 each. 

smink going overground remodelista 2

Above: The Going Overground design applies London’s above-ground colors to a tile associated with the underground.

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