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Shopper’s Diary: Savadi Maison in Paris, an Emporium Celebrating the Handmade


Shopper’s Diary: Savadi Maison in Paris, an Emporium Celebrating the Handmade

October 31, 2018

Founded by Berlin-born, South Africa- and Paris-educated Katja Anger, Savadi Maison is a newly launched line of home goods “made by exceptional crafts(wo)men from all over the world, selected or developed in collaboration with our Paris-based team,” as Anger says. In July, Savadi opened shop in the Marais, sharing space with clothing designer Karim Hadjab.

“We set up the store with the intention of inviting people to slow down and to take a break from their day-to-day lives by discovering handmade objects; our aim is to take our customers on a journey to the Ethiopian highlands, to Japanese blacksmith towns, and to the British woodlands to meet the makers and learn about their crafts, immersing them in the art of glassblowing, handloom weaving, leather craftsmanship, and natural dyeing techniques. And more globally, we are trying to promote slow consumption and to reconnect the objects with their makers and cultural context.”

Join us for a tour:

Photography by Lesley Unruh.

savadi paris shop 13
Above: The interior space is anchored by a DIY table made from concrete blocks covered with a tatami mat. A trio of enamel-coated cast iron Casserole Pots (available in peach, black, and mint) from Japanese company L’Hirondelle is on display. A collection of Cutting Boards from UK company Hampson Woods hovers above.
savadi paris shop portrait
Above: Karim Hadjab and Katja Anger. A stack of Luxury Hand-Woven Cushions sits atop a Japanese tatami, and a collection of Hand-crafted Ethiopian Guinea Fowl perches nearby.
savadi paris shop 1
Above: The Exquisite Mohair & Wool Blankets are woven by master craftsmen in Spain according to traditional techniques dating back 700 years; they’re available in black, yellow, red, and blue.
savadi paris shop 12
Above: Handblown vases and tumblers made from recycled glass by Remodelista favorite La Soufflerie (see Design Sleuth: La Soufflerie’s Handblown Glassware).
savadi paris shop 14
Above: A collection of repurposed garments by Karim Hadjab. “I refrain from producing new clothing but work on existing garments,” he says. Hadjab sources dead stock French work clothing from the 1950s and “uses natural dyeing techniques and the forces of nature (sun, wind, earth, rain, insects, bacteria, and microbes) to transform them.”
savadi maison textiles
Above: A collection of linens, including Hand-Woven Hand Towels from Ethiopia.

See more Parisian finds:

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