ISSUE 3  |  Paints & Patterns

Jewel-Toned Lights, Matched and Mismatched

January 22, 2014 6:00 PM

BY Christine Chang Hanway

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One of the UK’s last remaining glassworks, Rothschild & Bickers make hand-blown, colored-glass pendants that sparkle like jeweled baubles, too tempting to resist—even for the color shy.

Above: Though they’re made using traditional glass-blowing techniques, Rothschild & Bickers’ Pick-n-Mix glass pendants have a contemporary look; £295.

Above: The Pick-n-Mix Collection comes in the company’s full range of signature colors. For added embellishment, fabric-covered cords (known in the UK as “flex”) are available in a wide palette, including neons and herringbone patterns.  

Above: And for the color shy, why not start gradually with clear glass pendants while experimenting with colored cords?

Above: With the Vintage Light, Rothschild & Bickers play with a fringe-festooned traditional shape; £380.

Above: The rainbow range of cloth-covered electrical cords available to accompany fixtures. For more details, see Rothschild & Bickers.

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