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7 Ideas to Steal from the Manufactory in SF by Commune Design


7 Ideas to Steal from the Manufactory in SF by Commune Design

October 3, 2016

Match made in heaven? One of our favorite firms, LA-based Commune Design, recently unveiled their interiors work for SF-based baking phenom Tartine. And did we mention the restaurant is on the premises of Heath Ceramics, the leader in the midcentury ceramics revival (and longstanding host of our SF Markets)?

When it came to the interiors, Commune was inspired by everything from “Alpine lodges to Danish cafes to Japanese teahouses” according to Eater. Here are a few ideas to steal from the collaboration.

Photography by Mariko Reed.

1. Half-Painted Walls

tartine manufactory remodelista 5 9

Above: On the exterior, a half-painted wraparound wall, one of our favorites. See Paints & Palettes: Half-Painted Walls in Bold Colors.

2. Noguchi Lanterns in Multiples

tartine manufactory remodelista 2 10

Above: A galaxy of trend-resistent Noguchi lanterns illuminates the dining area. See all our posts on the subject at Noguchi Lanterns.

3. Pale Leather Cushions

tartine manufactory remodelista 4 11

Above: Banquettes are softened by the addition of pale leather seat cushions. For something similar, consider the offerings from Counter-Space, a design duo offering vegetable-tanned leather goods.

4. Tonal Ceramics

tartine manufactory remodelista 11 12

Above: Mix and match tonal ceramics (no surprise here, the offerings are from Heath, which came up with a new glaze called Tartine Teal for the restaurant).

5. Braided Leather Door Handle

tartine manufactory remodelista 15 13

Above: SF artisan Llane Alexis created the braided leather door handles using leftover scraps from the restaurant’s seat cushions. Crafty types can attempt a similar look using strips of leather.

6. Schoolroom Chairs

manufactory chair commune remodelista 14

Above: Commune spec’ed simple powder-coated steel-framed school chairs as seating; for something similar, consider the Canteen Chair by Very Good & Proper.

7. Built-In Kitchen Island Display Niche

tartine manufactory remodelista 9 15

Above: Here’s a clever idea for a blocky kitchen island: Add a built-in niche for ceramics display (and storage).

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