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In West Seattle, an Art-Filled Cabin in the Trees


In West Seattle, an Art-Filled Cabin in the Trees

March 21, 2017

A world-traveling Seattle couple, enthusiasts of art and design, wanted to downsize their home and learn to live with less. They found a small forested property at water’s edge in West Seattle with an 18-by-80-foot open lot—and engaged local architects Suyama Peterson Deguchi to design a house strictly within those confines so as not to fell a single tree.

The firm, with principal George Suyama at the helm, designed a house of just over 2,000 square feet, containing everything his clients needed—and nothing they didn’t: The house has one bedroom, one bathroom, and a deck at each end, plus a lofted, multipurpose office that can accommodate overnight guests.

Photography by Charlie Schuck, courtesy of Suyama Peterson Deguchi.

white modern kitchen chinese vintage furniture artwork
Above: To keep the project within a relatively modest budget, the kitchen is only partly custom; the white cabinet wall is from Ikea.
open kitchen dining plywood walls chinese cabinet
Above: The kitchen island was a custom firm design; one side sports a bank of drawers with stainless steel facings.

The art objects along the back wall were collected by the homeowners; the red hutch is a Japanese mizuya tansu chest dating from the mid 19th century.

living room plywood walls ceilings round dining table
Above: With the exception of the bedroom and bathroom, the interior walls are stained plywood. The floors are oak and the framing wood is Douglas fir.

To capitalize on Seattle’s temperate climate, the architects designed a deep covered porch at each end of the house; one for morning sun, and one for sunset. At the western, water-facing end of the house, the architects intentionally did not design a path to the beach, in order “to maximize a sense of refuge,” according to George Suyama.

On the wall at right is a hanging sculpture called “Dark Light: Wall” by Lead Pencil Studio.

open dining kitchen plywood wall windows round table
Above: The pendant light above the dining table is fitted with a Drum Lampshade from the firm’s shop 3×10.
Tall banks of windows maximize natural light and views of the surrounding forest. “Instead of the typical design solutions with unobstructed views to the water,” the architects say, “the central tree becomes dominant, and accentuates views and vistas by blocking some while slowly unveiling others.”

living room dappled light wood block stools
Above: The living room is populated with 15-inch split-wood stools from Northwest Woods in Clinton, Washington.

A bent-steel surface runs along the house’s northern wall. It has multiple uses: In the living room, it’s a bench. At right, on the other side of the Japanese hutch, it becomes open kitchen shelving.

living room gray stained plywood walls wood burning stove
Above: The living room armchairs are William Chairs from Janus et Cie, in mahogany wicker with black leather cushions. The Stanchion Floor Lamp is a firm design available at 3×10.
bedroom modern artwork above bed white curtains
Above: The Swedish art prints above the bed are family heirlooms. The black headboard is made of 24-inch-square rubber tiles.
small bathroom round mirror seattle chinese artwork
Above: Further along the northern wall, the folded steel surface becomes the bathroom countertop. The towel rack is a vintage kimono stand found in Seattle.

The interior of the house is entirely open: There’s only one door—to the bathroom.

study nook off bedroom modern house seattle white curtains
Above: The final piece of folded steel becomes a desk in a small corner of the bedroom.
pitched roof plwyood walls seattle modern house window onto deck
Above: The multipurpose, lofted upper floor contains a covered porch for taking in morning sun.
lofted office space seattle modern house plywood ceilings
Above: The lofted white volume is open to the rest of the space.
In West Seattle an ArtFilled Cabin in the Trees portrait 8
Above: The couple takes a keen interest in art and architecture, as evidenced by the books and journals in their study.
taxidermy in study area seattle modern house plywood walls
Above: They’re also world travelers and longtime collectors of vintage wares.
modern pitched roof small minimalist house in seattle forest
Above: The white volume at the house’s entrance contains the east-facing deck on its top level and the bedroom beneath.

The house rests on columns to minimize its impact on the sloping forest floor and the root systems of nearby cedar trees.

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Frequently asked questions

What style is the cabin in West Seattle?

The cabin in West Seattle is a mix of midcentury and modern styles.

What is unique about the cabin?

The cabin is situated among trees and is filled with artwork, making it a unique and serene retreat.

How many bedrooms does the cabin have?

The cabin has one bedroom.

What appliances are included in the kitchen?

The kitchen is fully equipped with a gas range, a refrigerator, and a dishwasher.

Is the cabin pet-friendly?

The article doesn't mention whether the cabin is pet-friendly or not.

What is the rental rate for the cabin?

The article doesn't mention the rental rate for the cabin.

Is there parking available on the property?

The article doesn't mention whether there is parking available on the property.

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open dining kitchen plywood wall windows round table
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