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In Lisbon, a Narrow but Glamorous Marble-Clad Apartment


In Lisbon, a Narrow but Glamorous Marble-Clad Apartment

September 20, 2017

The Lisbon apartment their clients acquired was, by all accounts, unremarkable: Its building was formulaic and the unit itself poorly kept, a disorienting series of fragmented hallways and small rooms devoid of natural light. Luckily, everyone wanted to start over.

The architects—Fala Atelier, a young collective based in Porto—were given complete freedom by their clients, a pair of French architects making a property investment in Portugal. The firm knocked down all interior walls and began anew, allotting one long hallway in the narrow apartment as the main living space, bordered by a curved wall leading to the private rooms. With the addition of the singular curved wall, “the whole apartment was organized in one gesture,” says project architect Filipe Magalhães.

The curved wall holds five blue-painted doors, “hanging detached from the floor like a set of monochrome paintings,” each leading to an undisclosed private space. The hovering doors resulted from a design problem—several ducts and pipes crossed the floor in that area, so Fala decided to elevate the private spaces to accommodate. “The visual result is quite charming for being the product of a technical need,” said Magalhães. Let’s take a closer look.

Photography by Fernando Guerra, courtesy of Fala Atelier.

marble hallway apartment lisbon fala atelier blue doors 11
Above: Fala eliminated the labyrinthine layout of the previous iteration; now, the main room is one long hallway that stretches from the front of the building to the back patio and contains the kitchen, dining, and living rooms. Private spaces are accessed through blue-painted doors off the single, curved white wall.
marble hallway apartment lisbon fala atelier 1
Above: The blue doors are intentionally nondescript: They lead to the master bedroom, the main entryway, the toilet, shower room, and guest bedroom. All the interior rooms now have windows and natural light.

“There are five monochrome doors lifted slightly off the ground. From the living room, you have no idea what hides behind each of them,” says the architect.

marble hallway apartment lisbon fala atelier blue doors 13
Above: Each door is painted a slightly different shade of blue, applied by hand with thick brushes using Annie Sloan paint. “The visual effect was tested several times in order to achieve this exact look,” said Magalhães.
marble hallway apartment lisbon fala atelier blue doors 12
Above: The kitchen is a custom Fala design with countertops of green and pink Portuguese marble.
marble hallway apartment lisbon fala atelier blue doors 8
Above: The flooring is 
natural Portuguese marble called Estremoz Branco.
marble hallway apartment lisbon fala atelier blue doors 10
Above: Kitchen accessories include low-budget picks from Ikea.

The project’s budget was appropriate for its complexity, said Magalhães, but on the lower end overall. “This was a cheap project, but we don’t believe adding more money would have made a big difference,” he said. “We are used to working with low budgets and we actually don’t consider that a problem.”

plywood floor bedroom mattress fala atelier lisbon apartment 3
Above: All freestanding furniture pieces, including this bedside table, were designed by Fala Atelier. Each table is made of a lightweight metal frame, painted white and topped with heavily veined Portuguese marble.
plywood floor bedroom fala atelier lisbon apartment clothes storage 1
Above: An open clothing storage unit makes use of two marble slabs to store shoes and folded items.
fala atelier lisbon patio concrete 1
Above: The back patio is pale gray micro-cement. The step leading from the hallway is a block of black marble that works as a step.
fala atelier lisbon patio concrete 5
Above: The previous version of the apartment had an oddly located exterior bathroom. Fala demolished the bath and opened the room to the sky, but retained the plumbing to allow for an outdoor shower.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the article about?

The article is about a narrow marble apartment with hanging mystery doors located in Lisbon.

What is unique about this apartment?

The apartment has hanging mystery doors that are made of solid oak and blend in seamlessly with the surrounding marble walls.

What is the size of the apartment?

The apartment is narrow and compact, measuring only 85 square meters.

What is the inspiration for the design of the apartment?

The design of the apartment is inspired by the traditional Portuguese azulejo tiles, which are used extensively throughout the space.

What kind of materials were used in the apartment?

The apartment features a lot of marble, wood, and metal, as well as traditional Portuguese tiles and other decorative elements.

Who designed the apartment?

The apartment was designed by Portuguese architect Manuel Aires Mateus.

Is the apartment available for rent or purchase?

It is not mentioned in the article whether the apartment is available for rent or purchase.

Are there any other unique features in the apartment?

Yes, the apartment also features a unique spiral staircase that leads up to the loft area.

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