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Flight of the Bumblebee, a Parisian Celebration


Flight of the Bumblebee, a Parisian Celebration

December 12, 2012

Ceramicist Cécile Daladier recently introduced her winter collection of ceramics with an opening party at her Paris studio. The collection, composed of pieces shaped like alveoli in a beehive, inspired the theme: waffles and honey.

"It was like a brunch, like tea time all day," says Lucile Demory, a friend who also works with Daladier. Beginning at 11 am on a sunny morning, Demory and Daladier served waffles, pain de mie, a massive brioche, tea, and coffee, and ten different varieties of honey. Both the honey and the decor came from a remote mountain in Drôme, the location of Daladier's second home and studio, from two women (one with a flock of merino sheep and the other with overflowing beehives). Read on for details of the winter party, alveolus collection, and Cécile's waffle recipe.

700 cecile daldier sharing waffles

Above: Daladier and a group of guests home in.

700 cecile daladier honey party set up

Above: Raku ceramics mix with wooden trays on a bed of raw gray wool.

700 cecile daladier event guests

Above: Throughout the day, the guests meandered through the studio meeting one another, eating waffles, and admiring the new collection.

700 cecile daladier table in room

Above: Daladier's neighbor in Drôme, the one with the flock of merino sheep, provided her with a raw gray wool to cover the studio table (it's the same material Daladier uses to pack her ceramics for shipping).

700 cecile daladier vase with autumn flowers

Above: Dark burgundy hydrangea is mixed with a selection from the garden in the Violettier vase.

700 cecile daladier dried hydrangea

Above: Honey varieties: Lavender, Chestnut, Apple, Thyme, Heather, Fig, and Mielandre Fleur (the later from Montagne de Mielandre, Daladier's hometown).

700 cecile daladier pastry breads

Above: A plate of brioche and honey served on wood and ceramic trays.

700 cecile daladier friends

Above: Daladier, clad in a pinkish-beige cardigan, smiling and chatting with a party guest.

700 cecile daladier male friends

Above: Guests sipping tea and coffee from ceramic cups.

700 cecile daladier vases on studio wall

Above: Alveolus-shaped ceramics displayed on the studio's ledge.

700 cecile daladier single vase

Above: A medium-size vase with a mix of narcissus, fennel, parsley, and white cyclamen.

700 cecile daladier vases plants table

Above: A friend admires the large Violettiers vase.

700 cecile daldier honey jars

Above: Slightly curved Raku ceramic dishes served as plates during the party.

700 cecile daladier waffles on plate

Cécile's gaufre recipe (in metric measurements):

  • 1 kg flour
  • 7 eggs
  • 1 cube of fresh yeast
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 100 grams melted butter
  • 1 liter milk

Melt the yeast with a spoon of sugar in a bowl of lukewarm water and wait for it to foam. Warm up the milk just a bit and add the melted butter. Place the flour in a large bowl ("a really big one, as it will rise a lot"), and slowly mix in the eggs, milk, salt, and butter. Finally, add the yeast and mix well; cover and let sit for about four hours. Then you're ready to press the waffles as desired.

N.B.: For more from Daladier, see her spring party from last year in Steal This Look: Parisian Oyster Party and her ceramics in Flower Arranging a la Parisienne.

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