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Estee Stanley, LA Designer and Remodelista Judge


Estee Stanley, LA Designer and Remodelista Judge

June 9, 2015

Meet the first of our guest judges for the Estee Stanley LA Designer and Remodelista Judge portrait 3

Estee Stanley began her career as a fashion stylist in LA and found a calling in interior design almost by accident. For a stretch she found herself moving houses constantly, and when her clients saw her newly appointed rooms, they started asking for styling help beyond their wardrobes. She’s designed interiors for actors Patrick Dempsey, Lea Michelle, Amanda Peet, and Rashida Jones–to name but a few–and though she still works in fashion styling, today she’s equally known for her interior design work.

Estee says she has no one style–she tailors her work to her client’s tastes and needs. Still, her designs tend to be global, warm, neutral, and notably understated. Among her many professional ventures, Estee is an editor-at-large at My Domaine and her latest project is Au Fudge, a kid-friendly restaurant currently in the works with business partner Jessica Biel. 

For more from Estee, visit Estee Stanley Design and follow her at Au Fudge and Estee Stanley on Instagram, and see her work on Remodelista in LA Woman: At Home with Hollywood’s Style Guru and Steal This Look: Estee Stanley’s Outdoor Patio in LA

8 Things to Know About Estee:

Cities I’ve Lived In: Los Angeles, New York City, Tel Aviv.

Biggest Design Influence: I pull inspiration from all of my travels, particularly to Europe.

Last Art Exhibit I Saw: The John Currin exhibit at the Gagosian Gallery in Beverly Hills.

Estee Stanley LA Designer and Remodelista Judge portrait 4

Favorite Artist: Cecily Brown and John Currin. (Photograph of Cecily Brown exhibition at the Gagosian via Art News.)

Favorite Work of Architecture: The Louvre.

Last Item I Bought for My House: An antique side table with a gray marble top from Brenda Antin.

Latest DIY Project: Currently renovating my house in the Hamptons.

On My Wish List for My House: A bigger budget. 

Interior Design by Estee Stanley

700 estee stanley mirror fireplace

Above: Estee’s own home is a 4,500-square-foot former duplex in LA’s Hancock Park that she turned into a single-family space. “I lived in the upstairs apartment and started renovating one room at a time. I added a staircase, ripped out walls, and reconfigured the living room–one project at a time.” Photography by Laure Joliet for Remodelista. 

700 dining room estee stanley 2

Above: A necessity for the dedicated entertainer: a dining room with an informal vibe.

700 estee stanley bedside table

Above: Estee’s bedroom; “All my lighting comes from vintage sources like 1st Dibs or Obsolete in Los Angeles.”

estee stanley bathtub 10

Above: Estee anchors almost every space, including the bath, with either a vintage rug or a vintage light.

Cover photo of Patrick Demsey’s Malibu house via Estee Stanley.

Calling all professional designers and novice design enthusiasts: Enter your spaces by June 22.

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