ISSUE 12  |  Spring Forward

DIY: A Genius (and Glamorous) Paper Towel Holder

March 28, 2014 11:00 AM

BY Julie Carlson

First spotted on one of our favorite blogs, Poppytalk (is Jan the web’s best DIY sleuther?): a genius paper towel holder from Molly at Almost Makes Perfect.

Above: “This project is super easy to make,” Molly says. “But you do need some good tools and some arm strength.”

Above: Go to Almost Makes Perfect for a list of materials, which include a precut piece of birch and length of copper pipe from the hardware store. Molly created her pattern by using the hexagon shape tool in Photoshop and printing it out on cardstock at around 7 inches wide.

Above: She then determined the exact center of the base and drilled a hole using a spade bit.

Above: “Using a paper towel roll as your measurement, cut down your copper pipe with your hacksaw and cap it off,” says Molly.

Above: Voila: one of the best-looking paper towel holders we’ve seen to date. For detailed instructions, go to Almost Makes Perfect.

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