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Current Obsessions: On Holiday


Current Obsessions: On Holiday

July 29, 2023

This week saw us traveling to Scandinavia and beyond. Here, 11 things we’re noting, from an evening upstate to two summer sales:

this week, our editors updated our picks for best vacation rental sites (beyond 14
Above: This week, our editors updated our picks for best vacation rental sites (beyond Airbnb). Shown: a ’70s summerhouse in Denmark, listed via Landfolk.
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Frequently asked questions

What is Remodelista?

Remodelista is a website dedicated to interior design and home remodeling. It provides inspiration, advice, and resources for homeowners and design enthusiasts.

What is 'Current Obsessions'?

'Current Obsessions' is a regular feature on Remodelista where the editors share their latest finds, inspirations, and trends in the design world.

What is 'On Holiday'?

'On Holiday' is a specific edition of 'Current Obsessions' that focuses on travel-related design and products, specifically for holiday and vacation purposes.

What can I expect to find in the 'On Holiday' edition of 'Current Obsessions'?

In the 'On Holiday' edition of 'Current Obsessions,' you can expect to find recommendations for travel destinations, stylish hotels, unique vacation rentals, travel accessories, and other design-related aspects of the holiday experience.

Can I purchase the products featured in 'On Holiday'?

Yes, many of the products and items featured in 'On Holiday' are available for purchase. The article usually includes links to the respective online stores or websites where you can find them.

How often is 'Current Obsessions' published?

'Current Obsessions' is published regularly on Remodelista, but there is no specific schedule. New editions are released whenever the editors have a collection of interesting discoveries and trends to share.

Can I find previous editions of 'Current Obsessions'?

Yes, you can find previous editions of 'Current Obsessions,' including 'On Holiday,' in the archives section of Remodelista's website.

Is Remodelista only focused on holiday-themed content?

No, Remodelista covers various aspects of interior design and home remodeling throughout the year. 'On Holiday' editions of 'Current Obsessions' are just one of the many features they offer.

Can I submit my own recommendations for 'Current Obsessions'?

Remodelista encourages readers to share their design finds and recommendations. You can submit your suggestions through the contact form on their website. However, note that not all submissions may be featured.

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