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Bathroom as Art Installation: A Damien Hirst Included


Bathroom as Art Installation: A Damien Hirst Included

March 1, 2013

Influenced by color, pattern, and texture; a London art collector’s home is an art installation in itself.

With a client list that includes Damien Hirst, Tracey Emin, and the White Cube Gallery, Rundell Associates (a member of the Remodelista Architect/Designer Directory) is used to designing for and around art. In the renovation of a London Victorian town house, the architects created a family home to also house an extensive art collection.

Photography by James Harris.

700 rundell upg 08

Above: Large-scale contemporary art works by Anselm Kiefer and Damian Hirst find a comfortable home in the open spaces and tall ceilings of the living, dining and kitchen area.

700 rundell upg 09

Above: The fluoro chairs by Barber Osgerby make a strong visual impact in the family dining room, which is adjacent to the kitchen. The chairs are made out of bentwood and are very lightweight.

700 rundell upg 11 jpeg

Above: The architects bring color into the dressing room through the solid cedar cabinetry, which is lined with fluorescent glass. "I love Daniel Chadwick's Perspex mobiles and I wanted to make use of "live edge" Perspex to give the drawers a lift," says Mike Rundell the founding partner of Rundell Associates. "Back painted glass is very flat so for the rest of the units we designed a system where we laminated Perspex between two layers of glass and then painted the back of the glass white so that colored light would reflect back off it—the result is a genuinely vibrant color."

700 rundell upg 06

About: "The guest bathroom at the top of the house was a small room and needed something to give it a strong personality," Rundell says. N.B.: See Flouro Brights in the Bath for other uses of florescent color in the bathroom.

700 rundell upg 01

Above: The spines of binders covered in Florentine marbleized paper are framed by leather covered, Bill Amberg bookshelves.

700 rundell upg 05

Image 6 – The master bathroom was clad in Brescia Violetta, an extremely rare marble; completely covering all the walls to produce a seamless finish.

700 rundell upg 02

Above: The shower niche was clad in the last available sheets of pink Flor di Pesco.

Marble doesn't have to be rare to look luxurious. See 273 Marble Bathroom images in our Gallery of rooms and spaces.

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