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Remodeling 101: An Easy (and Affordable) Way to Fix Ugly Ceilings

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Remodeling 101: An Easy (and Affordable) Way to Fix Ugly Ceilings

April 16, 2018

This content was produced as advertising by Remodelista in collaboration with Armstrong Ceilings. 

If you’re stuck with ugly drop ceilings or dated popcorn ceilings but fear the time and expense required to replace them, consider covering them instead. Armstrong Ceilings makes ceiling planks and tiles in a variety of looks and materials, including wood-look planks and real metal tiles, that can be installed directly over plaster and popcorn ceilings or used to cover up or blend with a drop ceiling grid. It’s an easy and affordable weekend project with a huge return on investment.

Let’s take a look at two of Armstrong’s most popular product lines.

Wood-Look Planks

armstrong ceilings&#8\2\17; woodhaven planks in painted white. 18
Above: Armstrong Ceilings’ WoodHaven planks in Painted White.

For a budget-friendly alternative to solid wood ceilings, Armstrong offers WoodHaven, a line of wood-look MDF planks starting around $4 per square foot. Thanks to the company’s track and clip Installation System, WoodHaven is easy to add at home: If you have drop ceilings, just remove the existing tiles and use Armstrong’s clips (sold separately) to attach the planks over the existing grid. For plaster or popcorn ceilings, use the installation system to install the planks directly over the unsightly ceiling—no demolition required.

a gray stained woodhaven plank, one of armstrong&#8\2\17;s newest wood look 19
Above: A gray-stained WoodHaven plank, one of Armstrong’s newest Wood-Look Finishes.

Armstrong planks arrive prefinished, so there is no sanding or staining required. A few styles can be painted, if you want to match your new ceiling to an existing color scheme.

 woodhaven in rustic pine. 20
Above: WoodHaven in Rustic Pine.

WoodHaven planks can also be used for wall paneling—as an instant wainscot or accent wall.

armstrong ceilings&#8\2\17; woodhaven planks in beadboard offer the po 21
Above: Armstrong Ceilings’ WoodHaven planks in Beadboard offer the polished look of traditional beadboard paneling at a fraction of the cost.

Metal Tiles

armstrong ceilings&#8\2\17; metallaire medium panels in chrome installed in 22
Above: Armstrong Ceilings’ Metallaire Medium Panels in chrome installed in a drop ceiling grid.

For a bolder look, try Armstrong Ceilings’ Metallaire line of tin tiles, which are made of real metal and, like the WoodHaven line, can be installed over a plaster or popcorn ceiling or in a drop ceiling grid. Metallaire tiles come in a variety of patterns, ranging from understated to decorative, and in five finishes: white, lacquered steel, chrome, brass, and copper. They’re available as 24-inch squares (for drop ceilings) and 24-by-48-inch panels for nail-up installation (over plaster or popcorn ceilings). Tiles start at $4.20 per square foot.

armstrong ceilings&#8\2\17; metallaire tiles in pattern hammered border, sh 23
Above: Armstrong Ceilings’ Metallaire tiles in pattern Hammered Border, shown in lacquered steel.

Because Metallaire tiles are real metal, they’re perfect for wall applications in high-use areas, such as a kitchen backsplash. The company offers stainless steel panels, about 18 by 48 inches, designed specifically to be used as a kitchen backsplash.

armstrong&#8\2\17;s metallaire small floral circle pattern i 24
Above: Armstrong’s Metallaire Small Floral Circle pattern in chrome.

If you’re interested in Armstrong Ceilings for your own home, the company offers a handy Estimate Guide to help you gauge the materials you’ll need. For the next step, locate a retailer using the brand’s Store Finder.

metallaire bead tiles in copper. 25
Above: Metallaire Bead tiles in copper.

Ready to say goodbye to popcorn ceilings (or your otherwise ugly ceilings) for good? Check out Armstrong’s Before and After Gallery for inspiring transformations and visit the company’s website to learn more.

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Frequently asked questions

What are Armstrong Wood & Metal Ceilings?

Armstrong Wood & Metal Ceilings are a range of ceiling systems offered by Armstrong, a leading manufacturer of ceiling products. These ceiling systems are designed to provide both aesthetic appeal and functional benefits, offering a variety of wood and metal finishes to suit different design styles and project requirements.

What are the advantages of using Armstrong Wood & Metal Ceilings?

Armstrong Wood & Metal Ceilings offer several advantages. They can enhance the visual appeal of a space, providing a warm and natural look with wood finishes or a sleek and modern appearance with metal finishes. These ceiling systems also offer acoustical performance, allowing for improved sound absorption and noise reduction in a room.

What types of wood finishes are available for Armstrong Wood Ceilings?

Armstrong offers a range of wood finishes for their Wood Ceilings, including natural wood veneers, laminate finishes, and wood look-alike options. These finishes can vary in color, grain pattern, and texture, allowing for customization to match different design preferences and architectural styles.

Can Armstrong Metal Ceilings be used in various environments?

Yes, Armstrong Metal Ceilings are suitable for various environments, including commercial, residential, and institutional spaces. They can be installed in areas such as offices, lobbies, retail spaces, healthcare facilities, and educational institutions. Armstrong offers different metal finishes, such as aluminum, steel, and custom metal options, to meet different project needs.

Can Armstrong Wood & Metal Ceilings be customized?

Yes, Armstrong offers customization options for their Wood & Metal Ceilings. They provide different panel sizes, shapes, and suspension systems to accommodate specific design requirements. Additionally, some ceiling systems can be perforated or provided with custom patterns to enhance acoustical performance or create a unique visual effect.

Are Armstrong Wood & Metal Ceilings easy to install?

Armstrong Wood & Metal Ceilings are designed for ease of installation. They come with a variety of suspension systems, clips, and accessories that facilitate the installation process. However, it's recommended to consult the manufacturer's installation guidelines and consider professional installation for larger or more complex projects.

Do Armstrong Wood & Metal Ceilings offer any environmental benefits?

Yes, Armstrong is committed to sustainability, and their Wood & Metal Ceilings reflect this commitment. They offer wood finishes with FSC® certification, indicating that the wood used comes from responsibly managed forests. Additionally, Armstrong's metal ceilings are made from recycled materials and are recyclable at the end of their life cycle.