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5 Favorites: Space Heaters with Style


5 Favorites: Space Heaters with Style

February 6, 2013

Space heaters have a bad rep (perhaps deservedly so, given the models that we grew up with). A new generation of efficient, safe, and stylish space heaters are ideal for the cabin corners or rooms that your primary heat source doesn't reach. Here are five we like:

700 anna little space heater

Above: Standing a demure 9.5 inches tall, the Anna Little Ceramic Space Heater by Stadler Form is ideal for warming small spaces (think under the desk in my cold office). It provides ambient warmth with a PTC ceramic heating element that can't overheat and has an automatic tilt shut-off (a larger size is also available); $79.99 at Horne.

640 plus minus zero infared space heater

Above: The Infrared Electric Heater has gently rounded corners; ¥3,990 at the Plus Minus Zero Store in Japan. Unfortunately, the company has yet to sign up a US retailer for this product; the sole Northern American retailer is Studio Brilliantine in Toronto. There is a different model, also by Fukasawa, which is a fan heater and available in red and blue; the Plus Minus Zero Fukasawa Heater is $320 at Japan Trend Shop.

700 creane ultra compact personal heater

Above: Users rave about the the Crane Personal Space Heater, which is a mere 6 inches tall. The ceramic PTC heater is housed in aluminum casing and offers two heat settings (600 and 1,200 Watt); $34.99 at Amazon.

700 crane white mini convection heater

Above: Here's one to consider for the chilly bathroom. The Crane White Mini Convection Heater has splash-proof technology and an ultra-slim profile (it can also be wall mounted). Energy efficient, it offers 400 watts of power (not enough for large rooms) and an adjustable thermostat; $49.99 at Crane.

700 dyson space heater amo4 white

Above: The Dyson AMO4 Hot + Cool Fan Heater offers a technology that draws in surrounding air to heat the whole room fast with a long-range heat projection. Like its vacuums, Dyson's space heater is sure to draw strong reactions to its looks. Love it or hate it, note that no heating elements are visible. Another feature is that is has a cooling option for the summer; $290.85 at Amazon.

700 max heater fax white

Above: The Max Fan Heater is capable of being just a fan during the summer and a toasty heater during the winter. Available in red, white or yellow; $99.99 at Horne.

Looking for more permanent heating options, see our earlier features "10 Easy Pieces: Freestanding Wood Stoves" and "Appliances: Wall Radiator Roundup".

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