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10 Easy Pieces: Modern Glass Globe Chandeliers


10 Easy Pieces: Modern Glass Globe Chandeliers

February 22, 2013

Add a glimmer to your interiors with a glass globe fixture—some priced in the stratosphere, others more down to earth.

Below are our 10 favorite glass globe chandeliers (on the modern tip) in a mix of clustered glass and evenly dispersed globes. For more modern lighting options, see our post 10 Easy Pieces: Modern Chandeliers, Halo Chandeliers, and for the glass globe fanatics, 10 Easy Pieces: Globe Pendant Lights.

700 lindsay adelman bubble chandelier

Above: Brooklyn-based Lindsey Adelman's custom hand blown glass pendant lights are more fine art than light fixture. A true investment piece, the BB.05.01 is available in brushed brass or oil-rubbed bronze for $11,000 directly at Lindsey Adelman.

700 modo chandelier globes

Above: Brooklyn-based Jason Miller's glamorous, three-sided, ten-globe Modo Chandelier is $5,800 at Design Within Reach.

700 glass globe chandelier west elm

Above:The Cluster Pendant features four glass globe lights at staggered heights; currently on sale for $159 at West Elm.

700 bocci 14 series five pendant chandelier

Above: The Bocci 14 Series Five Pendant Chandelier is a modern classic; $1,750 at Lumens. The Bocci 14 Series is available in several configurations, from a single pendant to 36 glass pendant lights.

10 Easy Pieces Modern Glass Globe Chandeliers portrait 7

Above: Ice Chandelier includes six mouth blown globe lights and is $1,980 at ABC Carpet and Home (it's also available with nine globes, as shown above, for $2300).

700 ripple chandelier globes

Above: Designer Jeffrey Goodman's Ripple Chandelier is custom made in the jGoodDesign studio in New York City; contact jGoodDesign for pricing and availability.

700 bocci chandelier light

Above: The recently released Bocci 28 Series 7 Pendant Canopy is made with a unique hand blowing technique to create organic shapes; $3,465 at OLighting.

700 jean pelle bubble chandelier

Above: Jean Pelle's DIY bubble chandelier project for ReadyMade made a big hit on the blogosphere when it first appeared; the Jean Pelle's Bubble Chandelier is available premade for purchase for $395 plus shipping via her Etsy shop. The chandelier is made from 12 hand-blown glass balls and three clear globe lights held together by cables wrapped in cotton twine.

700 firefly pendant lamp grey

Above: Firefly Pendant Lamp by designer Mark Daniel suspends five glass globe lights from black iron canopy. Glass pendant lights stagger in length on black cords 15 to 29 inches; hanging hardware included; $199 at CB2.

700 ether 90 s light

Above: The Ether 90 S, designed by Patrick Jouin for the Murano Due Collection, features clear, handblown bubbles suspended from a polished steel canopy; $5,985 at Y Lighting.

700 juniper chandelier globes

Above: The Jupiter Chandelier is made of crystal clear acrylic orbs supported by a polished nickel frame; $399 at ZGallerie.

For more on modern chandeliers, see "10 Easy Pieces: Glass Pendant Lights."

N.B.: This post is an update; the original story ran on January 5, 2011.

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