Woven Leather Chairs with a West Coast Edge by

Issue 87 · Into the Wild · August 26, 2013

Woven Leather Chairs with a West Coast Edge

Issue 87 · Into the Wild · August 26, 2013

Portland, OR-based Eric Trine calls himself a "maker of things"—of those "things," we especially like his custom woven leather chairs with hand-welded iron frames and his rewrapped Risom chairs with cheerful Kelly green webbing. Trine's furniture designs are available at Beam and Anchor in Portland, OR, and by commission (contact him at Eric Trine).

Risom Chairs Eric Trine Remodelista

Above: Trine rewrapped a pair of Jen Risom chairs in leather for a project for Nike.

Rod Weave Wood Seat Eric Trine Remodelista

Above: A woven leather Rod and Beam chair with a custom wool seat pad.

Eric Trine Rod and Weave Chairs Remodelista

Above: A pair of Rod and Weave chairs made for the Noho Next exhibition curated by Sight Unseen. "The inspiration for these chairs started where a lot of my inspiration comes from—directly from the material itself. When I stumbled across a couple of green leather hides at my local leather supply store, I knew immediately I had to do some chairs with it."

Perforated Chair Eric Trine Remodelista

Above: The Perforated Outdoor Lounge Chair in steel with a custom seat cover.

Eric Trine Rod Weave Brown Remodelista

Above: A Rod and Beam chair with walnut "landing pad arms."

See Trine's work in situ at The Ojai Rancho Inn: A Roadhouse for Modern Mystics.

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