ISSUE 25  |  Bath & Spa Style

Useful and Beautiful Goods from Monosquare

June 20, 2012 6:45 PM

BY Julie Carlson

One of the upsides of design sleuthing? Discovering new shops like Monosquare, an online collection of household goods and accessories sourced from craftspeople, artisans, and independent designers in Japan. One of the downsides of design sleuthing? Discovering shops like Monosquare, that make you covet things you didn't know you needed.

Above: Cheerful White Coasters with Red Stripes; $6 each.

Above: A Japanese teapot sits atop a Handwoven Cotton Pot Holder ($23); the Yoshino Sugi Wood Serving Tray is $98.

Above: Cotton-lined hemp Triple Color Pouches; $40 each.

Above: Cube Clock by Yusuke Tsujita; $64.

Above: Gray-Dotted Hemp Towel; $56.