ISSUE 90  |  London Design 2013

Trending Today on Gardenista: 5 Ways to Get Ready for Winter

September 19, 2013 6:30 PM

BY Julie Carlson

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Erin and Michelle are busily getting ready for winter over at Gardenista: this week they made handmade bayberry candles; plotted out a plan for planting next spring’s bulbs, reviewed the 5 best canning jars, and devised a life-extending recipe for cut flowers.

Above: Our Cape Cod correspondent Justine Hand shows us how to make handmade bayberry candles, a la colonial New England.

Above: Meredith went a little overboard on the oregano this summer; what should she do with her bumper crop?

Above: Michelle is thinking ahead: She outlines 10 crucial steps for planting spring’s best bulb garden.

Above: Erin performed a science experiment to discover the ultimate formula for extending the life of cut flowers.

Above: Sarah rounded up the five best canning jars out there.