Trending on Gardenista: Blooming Down Under by

Issue 32 · Down Under · August 15, 2014

Trending on Gardenista: Blooming Down Under

Issue 32 · Down Under · August 15, 2014

There's a lot abuzz: This week Gardenista has been spotlighting the lush gardens of Australia and New Zealand—and celebrating the winners of the Considered Design Awards. Plus they've turned up a curious woodland hut balanced on a boulder.

Ellis House Knyeton Australia | Gardenista

Above: A Summerhouse in a Garden at a guesthouse in Kyneton, Australia, is this week's Steal This Look, rattan armchairs and trellis included. Just add your own gray dog.

Ashley Hamilton Gardenista Considered Design Award Winner | Gardenista

Above: See the seven winners of the Gardenista Considered Design Awards—and watch for daily profiles of the winners. The Best Amateur Small Garden shown here, occupies a "skinny and shady" north-facing balcony in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Tash Shoo | Gardenista

Above: Modern Farmer Tasha Shoo and Her 10 Acres are the subject of this week's Garden Visit. Two years ago Tasha and family fled Melbourne for the nearby countryside to raise their own food. Now, "they're curing their own bacon, eating strawberries that really taste like strawberries," reports Michelle—and sharing the bounty with their neighbors.

Fowlers Flower Shop Melbourne | Gardenista

Above: To be filed under "Replicate Immediately at Home": the dirt simple displays at Fowlers Flowers, in Melbourne.

Forest Retreat Uhlik Architeki | Gardenista

Above: Two architects in the Czech Republic not only designed this cabin—see Outbuilding of the Week—but also spent weekends for six months building it. Perched high on a rock, the front window "offers a bird's-eye view of the treetops, a sort of private lookout post," writes Jeanne. 

Brunswick Cafe Brooklyn | Gardenista

Above: Barbara reports on the new Aussie Cafe in Brooklyn opened by "a go-getter who thinks he can show New Yorkers how to run a coffee shop." It's filled with notable design ideas, including these DIY: Hanging Garden Shelves.

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