ISSUE 20  |  Outdoor Living

Storage: Vitsoe Starter Collection

May 20, 2010 8:30 PM

BY Janet Hall

Good news for fans of iconic industrial designer Dieter Rams and his high-end 606 Universal Shelving System for Vitsoe: the UK-based company has come out with the Vitsoe Starter Collection, an entry-level line of units available in three sizes (there’s also a hanging rail available), which can be added to at any time; prices start at $285.  The shelves, made of powder-coated steel, fit into aluminum extrusion wall-mounted rails and are available in off-white or black; the starter collection systems are available online through Vitsoe or through the Vitsoe New York shop at 33 Bond Street.

 Above: The entry-level Vitsoe Starter Collection Small comes with two 8.5-inch-deep shelves; $285. 


Above L: Vitsoe Starter Collection Medium includes four shelves (two at 8.5 inches deep and two at 11.75 inches deep); $535. Above R: Vitsoe Starter Collection Large includes six shelves (three each at the depths listed above); $775.

Above: Create an instant closet in your entryway or guest bedroom with the Vitsoe Starter Collection Hanging Rail; $590.

Above: A detail of a child’s shelving unit; go to Vitsoe to read the installation case study.