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Storage: DIY Coatrack from Rich, Brilliant & Willing

May 29, 2009 9:30 PM

BY Julie Carlson

From Julie & Francesca,

We recently dropped in at the new Ace Hotel in New York to see the McMasterpieces show curated by former ID Magazine editor Monica Khemsurov; participating designers were charged with creating pieces using common industrial items sourced from the McMaster-Carr supply catalog. Our favorite piece was a coatrack by design collective Rich, Brilliant & Willing. Here’s what Theo Richardson says: "The black tripod is part of a material stand; we used a bronze sleeve to adapt the large hole to fit the diameter of the maple dowel. There are four pegs on the coat rack, starting with a tool-steel stainless rod at the lowest level. The top three are as follows: a copper tube, a thick wall steel tube, and a brown plastic rod called Delrin, which makes a noise like a diving board when you snap it."