Refined Rural: Housewares from Rowen and Wren by

Issue 26 · Farmhouse Style · June 28, 2012

Refined Rural: Housewares from Rowen and Wren

Issue 26 · Farmhouse Style · June 28, 2012

Home decor simplified: Rowen & Wren offers an easy way to bring rustic sophistication home.

The UK-based online style shop offers three collections for Spring/Summer 2012: Refined Rural, Distant Home, and Timeless Living. All are tailored to those who want a cohesive look in their homes but struggle to source affordable pieces that complement each other. The collections are modern but relaxed, largely based in neutral colors and inspired by nature. To make life even easier for those who could use some help, Rowen & Wren offers "Room Service"; for a flat rate of £289 per room, the team will create a mood board with sourcing information for accessories, paints, fabrics, and furniture based on your needs.

Bray Linen Bread Bags

Above: Bray Linen Bread Bags keep bread fresh and would make a beautiful bread bowl at a relaxed meal; prices start at £11.

Double Dish & Spoon

Above: The Double Dish & Spoon set nests two serving dishes with a wooden spoon for easy storage, or a ready-made gift; £38.

Shalgree Knitted Throw

Above: The Shalgree Knitted Throw looks more comfortable than a well-worn sweater; £148.

Bath Stone Bowl

Above: The Bath Stone Bowl is handmade in Somerset and would be the perfect beginning to a striking centerpiece; £159. The smaller bowl is actually a Tea Light, but is fit for a variety of uses; £29.

Hana Teapot with Wooden Saucer

Above: The Hana Teapot with Wooden Saucer is designed by the more than 100-year-old Swedish company Höganäs Keramik; £78.

Pippin Greywood Flower Rack

Above: The Pippin Greywood Flower Rack is made of gray wood (hence the name) and would make a flattering vessel for flowers and greenery throughout the seasons; £36.

Frome Reversible Wool Blanket

Above: The Frome Reversible Wool Blanket is inspired by traditional Welsh tapestry, woven in Wales of 100 percent lambswool; £129. (Hung from Trook Hooks; £9.)

Decorative Palther Spoons

Above: Decorative Palther Spoons offer nostalgic farmhouse appeal in the kitchen; £26.

Winkie Candle Holder

Above: Though the Winkie Candle Holder looks like the night light of sleepyheads of yore, it's also ideal for catching wax drippings ; £26.

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