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Baskets for a Cause: Muun in Paris

November 25, 2013 8:00 PM

BY Julie Carlson

In a tiny village in Northern Ghana called Nyariga, a group of women produce intricately woven baskets and bags working with dry stalks of grain tinted with ancient organic dyes from Nigeria. A partnership between a Parisian atelier and the Nyariga women, Muun bags and baskets reflect the merging of African, French, and Japanese influences and are available directly from Muun (select bags are also available online from Merci in Paris).

Above: Striped Low Basket; €38 from Muun.

Above: Set of Three Low Baskets (also available in yellow and red); €105.

Above: Low Red Basket (also available in green); €38,

Above: Muun Basket Bowl; $50 (on sale from $65) from Beklina.

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