ISSUE 71  |  The Modern Kitchen

Kitchen: Trays as Shelving

June 22, 2009 5:00 PM

BY Julie Carlson

From Julie & Janet:

Here's an idea we haven't seen before: trays used as kitchen shelves, a concept worth considering.

Above: A modern kitchen in an ancient stone castle in the Charente area of France; photographed by Gabriel Jean-Pierre. Via OWI.

Above: Designed by Belgian architects Claire Bataille and Paul Ibens, the Plateau Tray is available in oak, maple, or ebony with stainless steel handles. Go to When Objects Work for information.

Above: Corin Mellor, a designer and son of venerable UK flatware designer David Mellor, offers the Corin Mellor Tray made of birch plywood and available in small, medium, large sizes; prices start at £45 at David Mellor Design.

Above: Simple and affordable, the Bartelt Large Serving Tray; $23.40 at Amazon.