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Kitchen: Tartan and Checked Table Linens from Fog Linen

November 19, 2009 6:30 PM

BY Janet Hall

Yesterday's post Hotels, Lodging & Restaurants: Sis Deli + Cafe in Finland got us thinking about plaid and checks in the kitchen. New York's Elizabeth Street home boutique Haus Interior offer the Fog Linen line online, as does Horne, one of our favorite sources for the home.

Above: Fog Linen Black/Natural Check 3/4 Linen Apron; $55 at Horne.

Above L: Brown and white checked Fog Linen Napkins; $13 at Horne. Above R: Set of four black and white Fog Linen Placemats; $50 at Haus Interior.

Above: Fog Linen 100 percent linen Plaid Kitchen Cloth; $12 at Haus Interior.

Above: Set of four 100 percent linen Fog Linen Green Plaid Napkins; $50 at Haus Interior.

Above: Fog Linen Brown Check Linen Tablecloth (51 by 71 inches); $85 at Horne.