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Kitchen: Mason Cash Mixing Bowls

January 19, 2011 4:43 PM

BY Sarah Lonsdale

The Mason Cash Mixing Bowl has long been a mainstay of the British kitchen, and it appears that this time-tested classic is enjoying a renaissance (Brit cooks Nigella Lawson and High Fearnley Whittingstall are fans). Mason Cash has been making pottery since the 1800s, and the cane color of the bowls comes from the original clay used in the production. The bowls have a pleasing heft, which makes them well suited for vigorous mixing. Interesting sidenote: The smaller pudding bowl, shown below, is used by the royal household (Queen Elizabeth II gives Christmas pudding gifts to "hundreds of her loyal subjects, family, and friends," according to Mason Cash).

Above: Mason Cash Traditional Mixing Bowl (13 inches); $70 from Amazon.

Above: The 6-inch Mason Cash Pudding Basin is $17.50 from Amazon.