ISSUE 58  |  On the Mountain

Ilse Crawford’s Aalto Armchair

February 04, 2013 7:30 PM

BY Alexa Hotz

Winter has us thinking about the warmth of fur hides and sheepskin, so we're excited to share UK designer Ilse Crawford's fur-covered update of a classic: the Alvar Aalto's Armchair 400.

In February a few years back, Artek launched their Dress the Chair! campaign as part of its 75th anniversary celebration. The company asked a selection of designers to render classic Artek pieces in their vision; Crawford was the first to have a go at the Armchair 400 (nicknamed "The Tank") by rendering it in a softer reindeer skin upholstery. We could see Crawford's design inspiring a great DIY project (see sources below); for more information on the event, visit Artek.

Above: Photograph of Ilse Crawford by David Lunberg for Artek.

Above: The Armchair 400 with a natural lacquered birch frame.

Above: Source a Reindeer Skin for $199 from Bearskin Rugs. Pictured above is Toast's Reindeer Hide, sold every winter, which comes from sustainably managed herds in Lapland by indigenous Sami people; £145 at Toast.

N.B.: Looking for for fur to mimic this look? See our post: Design Sleuth: Sheepskin and Fur Throws or more posts on soft furnishings like Fabrics & Linens in our archives.