ISSUE 39  |  London Teatime

House Call: Converted Stable in London

September 26, 2011 10:30 AM

BY Julie Carlson

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What is it about converted stables, carriage houses, even garages? Whenever we're wandering around London, Brooklyn, or San Francisco (any city, really), we find ourselves drawn to the more humble houses in the neighborhood. Case in point: this residence in London spotted on the Modern House Estate Agents, located on a cobbled mews off Tavistock Terrace. The building was part of a late 19th century stable block, and was used as a motor repair workshop from the 1920s until the 1970s; in 2006, the property was converted into a house by the development company Kube. The designers neatly solved the interior illumination issue with cleverly placed operable skylights, which allow natural light to flood the interiors and provide ventilation. To see more, go to the Modern House Estate Agents.

Above: The cobbled mews is accessed through steel gates.

Above two photos: The solid mahogany entrance doors weigh 350kg each and took more than a week to hang.

Above: The walls and floor were sandblasted.

Above: The interior features a modern look, with polished stone tile flooring.

Above: The kitchen is illuminated by an operable sklight.

Above: Each room is lit from above via skylights.

Above: A simple white tiled bath with mirrored cabinetry.