ISSUE 9  |  Urban Lofts

Restaurant Visit: The Book Club in London

March 01, 2011 9:29 PM

BY Julie Carlson

Discovered via Sight Unseen: The Book Club in London, an East End hybrid bar/performance space for “drinkers and thinkers,” offering cocktails, art, brunch, fashion, lunch, film, music, beer, poetry, wine, workshops–and ping pong. Designers Shai Akram and Andrew Haythornthwaite sourced a jumble of mismatched furniture (including vintage pieces by Ercol) from local antiques markets. Go to The Book Club for more information. To see more images of the project and to read an interview with the designers, go to Sight Unseen.

Above: The upper level is light and airy, with mismatched furniture and exposed brick walls.

Above: Individual terra cotta pots are affixed to the wall.

Above: A ceiling covered entirely in light bulbs evokes a sea of ping pong balls.

Above: The Ping Pong paddle storage wall is clad in Douglas fir.