ISSUE 14  |  Kitchen & Bath

Appliances: Gagganau Steam/Convection Oven

December 04, 2007 5:39 AM

BY Janet Hall

When I lived in London, my European friends espoused the virtues of steam ovens. Vegetables cooked in steam ovens retain their vibrant color and flavor, and no vitamins are lost in the cooking process. Meats do not require basting and emerge with a lower fat content. The drawback? Steam ovens don’t brown foods (the image of a flesh-colored turkey just doesn’t appeal). Meet the Gaggenau Combisteam dual-oven system, which combines the dry heat of a convection oven with non-pressurized steam. Meat remains tender while the surface browns and crisps to perfection.

Above:  The Gaggenau 24" Combination Steam and Convection Aluminum Built-in Oven BS270610 is available at AJ Madison Appliances.