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Furniture: Studio Moe at the ICFF

May 21, 2009 7:30 PM

BY Julie Carlson

From Julie & Francesca:

One of our favorite pieces at the recent ICFF was Andrew Moe’s slim Oslo console desk made from reclaimed ash, measuring a mere 15.25 inches deep, making it perfect for small spaces. Moe, a Princeton University studio art graduate, studied 3-D Design at the Massachusetts College of Art, then was sidetracked by a career in Argentine tango before returning to furniture design in 2003. "All of our pieces are created from resawn hardwood beams salvaged from dismantled buildings across the country," Moe says. "From a barn outside of Kutztown, Pennsylvania, to a tobacco warehouse in eastern Tennesse, to a textile mill in Massachusetts, each beam has a story, and carries its history in its grain." Moe’s pieces have a lyrical delicacy and lightness not usually associated with furniture made from salvaged wood; his Oslo Console Desk is $1,375 and can ordered directly from Studio Moe.